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Welcome to was created by Porschetm Enthusiast for Porschetm Enthusiast like ourselves interested in enhancing their car for sport and pleasure. You will find enhancements such as racing harnesses, sport and racing seats, drivers suites, helmets, track gear, harness bars, roll bars, interior and exterior performance/appearance modifications and more.

Our line of safety harness' can be used in most every car for track use. Please note that Racing Harness's do not carry DOT certification, however they do carry SFI certification.

Please note that some of our products are available for other Porschetm models in addition to manufacturers other than Porschetm.

This site has no affilation with Porschetm Cars of North Americatm. Any use of the Porschetm Name is not intended to infringe on any Porschetm copywrite, trade name or trade mark protection.


9580 Oak Avenue Parkway

Phone: (916) 989-0580

Suite 7 # 188

FAX: (916) 989-3037

Folsom, CA 95630



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